Cable-operated shunting device

For more than 80 years, our shunting devices will be used in all ranges of the commercial life. Our shunting devices are a low-cost and effective option for managing internal transport tasks. We offer you a solution customized to your individual requirements. Our product portfolio ranges from mobile shunting winches with a tractive force of 30 kN (approx. 400 t shifting mass) to Cable-operated shunting device with a tractive force of 150 kN (approx. 3000 t shifting mass). The shunting devices meet the Railway Construction and Operating Regulations (BOA) und Rules UIC 504 of the International Union of Railways.

mobile shunting winches, shifting carriage, driving carriage, lateral suspension device, wheelset carriage
shunting devices, internal transport

Shunting devices...

the simple and cost-effective solution for the locolized transport in case of branch and industrial rails

Shunting devices...

are transporting individual rail-mounted waggons and great waggon groups up to the length of whole railways

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Our technical solutions

Cable-operated shunting device with shifting carriage

Cable-operated shunting device with driving carriage

Cable-operated shunting device with lateral suspension device

Shunting winches, mobile

Shunting winches, stationary

Cable-operated shunting device with wheelset carriage